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Welcome to STOUY Sports Cards!

Sports have been a major part of my life for as long as I can remember.  I got into trading sports cards at an early age and I attribute most of my overall baseball, football and basketball knowledge to it.  Some kids like reading books, I liked reading the back of cards and still do to this day.  Sports cards helped me learn about all the different leagues, divisions, teams and players.

Trading cards helped fuel my passion for playing sports and I feel like they can do the same for the next generation of kids. As a dad to two young boys, it's my hope they will enjoy sports card as much as I have and one day help me run this little business.

It's hard to beat the excitement of opening a fresh pack of basketball cards imaging what you might pull out. Back in the day for me it was Larry Johnson (grandmama), Shaquille O'Neil, Shawn Kemp, Charles Barkley and of course Michael Jordan.

Our goal here at STOUY is to offer a huge selection of sports card singles at affordable prices that allow folks to complement and/or complete their collections.  One of the main ways we're able to keep prices down is by betting early on players we really like.  Take Hamidou Diallo for example... We're able to offer Diallo rookie cards at prices lower than eBay because we identified him as a major breakout player earlier than the market.

In terms of base cards, our focus is initially on 2019 Score Football and 2019 Prizm Draft Picks but we'll be expanding into more products as we go forward.  We want to offer a nice mix of base and autograph sports cards singles at lower prices than you'll find on the major platforms such as eBay.

So once again, welcome to STOUY and Thank You for taking time to check us out!

Please note that we are a new virtual sports card store based out of Wisconsin so we might not have everything you're looking for at this time.  However, our goal is to consistently add more sports card singles so we can offer our customers a great selection every time they visit.  If you have specific requests, please feel free to Contact Us and we'll work with you on finding a solution.

Happy Trading,


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